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“STACE is an MC who knows how to make an indelible mark on pretty much anything he touches. Fly Company Music Group is his imprint and the creative outlet for releasing his mega progressive tunes.” – 303 Magazine (Denver)

STACE fan for 2 years, I’m stoked for new content xx – Brie M.
“Look who’s here. Find your magic with STACE!” – MACY’S
“feelings by stace will always be one of my favorite songs” – @aashleylauren17


STACE, A NEW YORK NATIVE, IS A MULTI-TALENTED ARTIST AND MUSICIAN. Bringing in the new decade with the same determination that has always kept him working and creating. Already verified and streaming on Spotify, his 2016 single "Feelings" has organically reached over 650K streams. With a growing following on Apple Music & TIDAL as well, his contribution to HappyTokes 2017’s single, “Friend Like You”, is steadily holding at the number 2 spot. Accompanied by actor/writer TK Kirkland (New Jersey Drive), STACE released his 4th studio album, “Trouble Season” (2017), is constantly touring, and launched his official fan club “The Station”.

Highest Streaming Singles

Friend Like You

Outdoing his 2015 & 2014 achievements, STACE appeared on the New Jersey TV show “Chattin’ with Mama Jones” (Love & Hip Hop) as well as performing at America’s Next Big Hit at HK Lounge in NYC. His first independent tour “The Talented Mr. Ridgeway Tour” took STACE to Denver, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Mexico, North Carolina, New York City opening for Atlantic Record’s artist Dyme-A-Duzin, and finishing up in Paris, France.

2013 brought features on HOT97 “Who’s Next?” (NYC) & twice in XXL: once as a feature in “The Break” & the other for “Banger of the Week” with his best-known single, ”It’s Getting Harder to Cheat”.

“STACE is an MC who knows how to make an indelible mark on pretty much anything he touches. Fly Company Music Group is his imprint and the creative outlet for releasing his mega progressive tunes.” – 303 Magazine (Denver)

2012 was full of new singles, music videos & producing for others while co-hosting and performing for Macy’s “Find Your Magic” event with Toccara Jones from America’s Next Top Model. STACE entertained a diverse crowd of over 1500 people at Atlanta’s Peach Drop & he performed on 11 Alive News’ Metro Mix Soundcheck in Atlanta.

The feel good song of the year! Feelings by STACE is an explosive wave of the beach and chill times. Streamed over 600K times on Spotify, with an epic music video to match, this tune from STACE is sure to stay in rotation. Merch is available now!
in 2012 “It’s Getting Harder To Cheat” was named “Banger of the Week” by XXL (New York City)
Mama Jones (Love & Hip Hop) invited STACE to perform on her show in New Jersey after seeing him perform earlier in NYC that week.
Yung Sensei’s father sat next to STACE on a plane a year before Yung Sensei signed to Fly Company Music Group.

Hailing from Mount Vernon, New York (just outside of New York City), STACE is a musician who knows exactly what he wants. Not only does he sing, rap, play piano, guitar and drums, STACE is a businessman who watches the trends and reaches new heights in setting his own.” – Ru Johnson/Writer

For a new artist who is interested in cultivating a new following or building on the following already established, being in Denver on 4/20 weekend was like striking gold. Travelling from New York City to Denver, STACE is an MC who knows how to make an indelible mark on pretty much anything he touches. The Fly Company Music Group is his imprint and the creative outlet for releasing his mega progressive tunes.

As for the mural outside of Three Twenty Gallery – it depicts a crying woman drowning in a sea with text above in yellow that reads “Meanwhile in Las Animas”, the woman saying “What do you mean it’s JUST ART?” and a painted sidewalk incorporating a light pole that immerses the viewer into the mural itself. Some have criticized the work on social media already upset about the image of a drowning woman, but the work, entitled “Hopeful”, is supposed to represent the unbalance in many of our lives - almost feeling like life, itself, is challenging us to stay above water.

With melodramatic imagery inspired by the Pop Art era of the 60’s, the teary-eyed woman is symbolic of the Native Americans displaced throughout history from the Trail of Tears to the Santa Fe Trail. The 25 foot hand painted woman looks towards the eastern rising sun to symbolize hope, hence its title - something we could all be reminded of on a daily basis. Given the current state of our shared struggles with the year thus far, STACE’s latest work may be the introduction of something that many in our area may not have ever considered.


Which Grammy and Tony award winning movie was STACE apart of?

Dear Evan Hansen

In what year did STACE open his first art gallery?

2020 (Three Twenty Gallery)

This America's Next Top Model joined STACE at "find your magic at Macy's" event

Toccarra Jones

What was the name of the visual album from "Trouble Season"?

The Conquered King

This actress from Ozark on Netflix was in STACE's music video "4 Facts"

Dani Deetté

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Berklee College of Music

Fly Company visits Berklee College of Music for a producers workshop with STACE. After visiting Yung Sensei, a radio host and student, we sit down to talk about the life of a modern musician and how to better develop your craft.

Photography: Zay Poole

Film: Kam Visuals


Interview with STACE

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Filmed on location between Sacramento and Ocean Beach, San Francisco over the course of two days. The director, Tabius Tolbert, was actually classmates with STACE in high school. Not counting every media player worldwide, “Feelings” has been streamed over 650K times – according to Spotify.

Written and produced by STACE.

more full length videos from STACE.

Movie Poster

Filmed on location at an abandoned movie theater, STACE takes this 2014 release to the big screen almost 4 years later.

4 Facts

Written and produced by STACE in 2017, this mini-movie stars Dani Deeté, an actress on the Netflix series, Ozarks.

Aight, So Boom

An unusual strategy starts to bear fruit, while plans are set in motion that could change everything. “Aight, So Boom” is available on all platforms with tons of merch!

Everything is U

A simple girls night turns into a night to remember. Guest starring Brandon Rawliegh. STACE performs “Everything is U”. (2016)

Pillow Talk

With lines like “They see a main chic, I see a wife in you”, there’s no doubt this smooth ballad will find its way to your playlist… or your girl’s heart.

The Sky Will Never Fall

Injustice? Politics? Social Climate Change? STACE covers just about everything in this reality-driven freestyle. Parental advisory is suggested.


Life with 2 girls isn’t always glamorous. This 2014 tale proves to find STACE in a rather peculiar entanglement.

It’s Getting Harder To Cheat

What XXL considers to both “Banger of the week” and “Break” worthy, this hit from 2012 put STACE on the map, for some.