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Celebrating 15 Years.

At Fly Company Music Group we’re all about our people. Our global company is made up of knowledgeable, passionate, and creative individuals. Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion fosters a culture where you can truly belong, contribute, and grow. We believe in each individual’s value and encourage applications from people of any age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, veteran status, and any other characteristic or identity.

It is the mission of every member of the FCMG team around the world to create a nurturing environment for artists, songwriters, and the people behind the music – at every stage of their career. We strive to set FlyCo apart by embracing innovation – an integral part of our company’s DNA.


Founded by artist and musician STACE in 2007, Fly Company Music Group is home to an all-star roster of forward thinking, trend setting legends and superstar artists such as Brother Maars, Doc Abbott, HappyTokes, Rico Santana and more. It is also comprised of innovative business ventures, including Three Twenty Gallery, among others. In addition, Fly Company Music Group has expanded to release high-profile art visuals for Universal Pictures’ “Dear Evan Hansen”, a theatrical motion picture adaptation of the Tony and Grammy Award-winning Broadway musical. (Directed by Stephen Chbosky – “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, “Wonder”) as well as other notable film and television franchises. Extending further into the worlds of film, television, and content, Fly Company expanded in order to produce movies and series powered by the label’s catalog and artists. Its first production was the HappyTokes’ documentary “Desire Path” for Spotify.

The history of Fly Company begins with its roots planted in studio sessions and intimate performances before blossoming into the artist development and powerhouse production label you know of today. Forming in 2005, Electronic band FRESH101: comprised of STACE (Sythns/Lead Vocals), Mike “Mikey Rich” Wallace (Guitar/Drums), and Stan “j.R.” Ridgeway (Back vocals) began by planning house parties with live entertainment. After releasing 4 in-studio projects the group would disband and go on to fulfill other roles. Fly Company’s first credit would come in 2009, appearing twice on public access TV, Comcast (ATL) – first with artist JR, followed by STACE. Then on national TV, “11 Alive News” [Metromix], a live music performance during commercial breaks. (ATL)

FCMG 4’x4’ Premium Round Floor Mat

“STACE is an MC who knows how to make an indelible mark on pretty much anything he touches. Fly Company Music Group is his imprint and the creative outlet for releasing his mega progressive tunes.” – Ru Johnson 303 Magazine 

Local acts would come and go in the first 10 years by working under a “one song release” contract – either making a brief appearance during an event, releasing less than one project, or in some cases, no project at all. Those acts included: O! (Hip Hop), Kashea (Alt Rock), Roddy T (R&B), Rude Boy B (Southern Hip Hop), Nikki Holman (R&B), and O.Mobbs (Christian) – Notable acts that would go on to other achievements would first be actress Dani Deete, starring in 2 music videos “Movie Poster” and “4 Facts”, eventually appearing on Netflix’s series “The Ozark” [S3 EP: 10 “Pink Fire”]. Musician and actress Danielle Dedwyler, first in studio sessions, then later appearing on “The Harder they Fall”, also produced by Netflix. 

The first feature record to gain national traction, almost 11 years in, would be a remix to a song by Detroit native, Madison Ortiz, widely known as HappyTokes. Since her youth, Madison was involved with community and school performances ranging from choir, musical theatre to band and marching band. She found a passion for playing Baritone Ukulele in High School and occasionally performed where she regularly volunteered, Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit.

“Friend Like You” – car version recorded in 2012 – shows Madison amidst a cluttered car, driver seat, with a ukulele. She describes this moment as “cheering up a friend who was facing difficult times”, unknowingly assisting in her own future songwriting success. Shari Foster, A&R at the time, saw the car recording on social media, and after finding its way to STACE, invited HappyTokes to record it professionally. A documentary about the story and process was captured first hand by Madison, as well as a filming crew, to her 70,000+ followers. The following year a limited edition maxi-single with all 4 versions was made available to the public. Despite her love for music, Madison went on to study visual fine arts and graduated with a BFA in Advertising Design from College for Creative Studies.

Actor and comedian T.K.Kirkland (New Jersey Drive/Def Jam) would join STACE in the studio for his 2017 EP “Aight, So Boom” written completely in 1st person. The lead single “Aight, So Boom” would remain as the 4th highest streaming song – next to 2019’s release “Lobster” – featuring saxophone by Allan Knighton (6lack) 

“ STACE, a musician, artist, and curator has purchased the old Creamery next to the Bent County Library as a place to showcase his talents, and a place for others to escape and develop theirs. Hailing from New York City, where he creates murals like the one on 5th Street, his decision to build in Las Animas is centered on it’s atmosphere. – La Junta Tribune-Democrat

On August 25, 2020, Actor and songwriter Ben Platt confirmed that principal photography had begun for the film adaptation of the stage play, “Dear Evan Hansen”. It was shot in Los Angeles and Atlanta, with primary filming with the main cast taking place in September and expected to end around Thanksgiving. About making the film during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kaitlyn Dever said to Variety, “I’m very happy that we’re able to make something so special during such a strange and sad and confusing times … I have gotten used to the ‘doing nothing’ part of my job, which is just sitting and waiting for something to happen. Now, I feel like I’m really geared up for this and ready to go.”  

“Make something so special during such a strange and sad and confusing times.” – Variety Magazine 

The high school scenes were filmed at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School in Fayetteville, Georgia. The mural in the gym, seen in the opening credits and key parts throughout the film, was completed by Mural Mural On The Wall.

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ – “A gorgeous musical for anyone with a beating heart” – The New York Times

Written by Dave Armstrong/Bent County Democrat

In 2020, artist STACE made a purchase in Las Animas that everyone saw, heard, and may still question. His 320 Gallery on 5th Street has become a common spot for photos, scavenger hunts, and artists to hone, practice, and promote their craft. I first met STACE upon a universal invitation along the lines of, “If you walk by and hear music, enjoy it while you can.” The objective being: Learn to live in the moment. I walked by and immediately we began collaborating on ideas for the growth of Las Animas. I wasn’t clear on his plan for the exterior of his building then, but as these buildings have grown and changed, it has become clear that his desire is the same as many in the city:

Las Animas isn’t dead, we’re just dry of resources, and the City has room to offer more. However, as it grows and changes, it’s becoming more than a town that was once nothing more than a dusty blink on Hwy 50, now sees more foot traffic, more car traffic, and hopefully, with the surplus of water filling both Blue Lake and John Martin, more tourism.

Three Twenty Gallery has become an educational hub for classes to take a quick field trip or a jumpstart program for citizens fresh out of rehab, offering immediate work for hire. The development and success of his 2020 purchase, led STACE to purchase another building – 524 Bent Ave: Five Twenty Four Theatré. These brick and mortar attractions are the first African American owned businesses in Las Animas history.

Now that you know, lets get into the thick of it. There are seven murals that tell a complete story. The first being a woman appearing to drown on the front of Three Twenty Gallery, entitled “Hopeful…”, the second, “PANIC!” in the courtyard of 320 is a display of unnecessary overreaction. The third a 50-foot Astro Boy on Hwy 50, that appears to be flying toward the gallery. Comically titled “Don’t Save Her”, letting us know that the woman doesn’t need saving. She is being melodramatic, drowning in her tears. On the South wall of the Theatré, opposite the Rawlings Museum, the first thing you will see from your car as you pass the courthouse is a giant minion-shaped character. Superimposed over the American Flag is the head of an Indian Chief looking at an elderly woman throwing coins from a bag of money on her lap. Below her are six vultures. This mural is titled “The Other Side of the Coin”. This piece depicts the old woman throwing out her life savings to, according to STACE, “ward off the vultures.” This piece, as well as the others, has a ton of historical and symbolic “Easter Eggs” for the tourist, analysts, historian, or citizen. On the North wall, the only two-story, 75-foot mural called “Into the Thick of It.” This is his most detailed and controversial piece as it represents getting lost in your vices, ergo the “jungle.” An eager Tom the Cat once held a sign reading, “Thick Latinas!” was merely foreshadowing. This piece, even during white wall stages, certainly drew attention and many questions for the artist. STACE expounded, “I love that art is energizing the city. It’s just another reason to visit Las Animas.” Into the Thick of It also has a ton of symbolism from characters like The Flash trying to escape and warn the astronaut who wants to settle in, to Marvin the Martian trying to stop Astro Boy, the murals have something for everyone to appreciate. And the sign held up by Tom is fluid. As it currently reads “JUNETEENTH,” the sign will read something new in a few days or weeks, and will change periodically.

On the East wall, STACE has a huge face of “Boy Wonder.” The interesting piece about Boy Wonder and Don’t Save Her is that they both depict characters, heroes, that have seven major superpowers. The seven refers back to the seven murals STACE has completed. 


Lastly, the Southeast corner of 524 Theatré has a Magic Eye painting. Designed to make every- one stop in Las Animas, even if it’s only for 10 minutes, before the image appears – just like the books from the 1990s. The exciting thing about downtown is the paintings, buildings, events, and food. The challenging thing for the people working to integrate these options into the community is overcoming the hurdle of citizens adjusting to the newness: curiosity and criticism; optimism and compliment turning to frustration and anger. Despite these hurdles, STACE continues to grow the Gallery and the Theatré all while producing his own art. 

Both attractions are open to the public by appointment only as their primary function is to facilitate artists and their viewings. 


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