Deadbeat Dad


Confronting life’s issues is a common thread we all share. Now, more than ever, individuals are coming together to express themselves – collectively. Deadbeat Dad (Single Version), created by STACE, has provided TikTok users a platform to better communicate their lives. The online trend began with Marissa Welborn (@mwelborn25), a 23 year old single mother from Florida. Her social media focuses primarily on her world with her daughter. Marissa’s followers, some who have been with her since the announcement of her pregnancy, comment words of encouragement while others ask questions out of curiosity like “where is the father of your baby?”. A simple question that she answered with the help of the perfect audio – Find courage through each other. You Are Not Alone.

Word for word.

From Melissa.

A poem by Randy.

The Woodwork.

Hey, it's KB!

Read Me.

My daughter and I.

The Vibe.

Maybe, call us.

Thanks for the gas.

On our own.

17 vs 33


DNA test?

One Question.

What Did I Say?

Deadbeats. SMH.

See him, run!