Victoria Jones, now known as idEA?, is a contemporary Christian artist. Her journey began in church at the age of 8, developing a deeper passion for music on a spiritual level. 

2020 finds idEA? emerging with a mission to spread love, unity and a positive message through her artistry. Her creative process includes “blending” – taking digital and live sounds to re-create an even more diverse library of sounds. #FlyCoMG

Fly Company Music Group | Living without these creative vibes and compositions is simply unimaginable. In fact, to almost all of us, music is a central element of life. Just like a good soundtrack accompanies a wonderful movie, music accompanies you throughout your entire life.

“During the ups and downs of life, there will always be those masterpieces that fully describe what you’re feeling at the present moment.”

There is music that lifts you up when you’re sad and music that keeps you going despite all the difficulties. Motivational music can help you reach the next level and instills a feeling of courage and hope during times of despair. In short, music truly is something magical. It’s therapy for the soul. – FlyCo

NVJones with two new singles, "Life is Good" and "Where Would I Be?"

Produced by STACE. Fly Company Music Group, since 2007.

NVJones | #FlyCoMG

NVJones 9

"My purpose is to spread love, peace and unity through the art of music" - NVJones

Creative people make pledges to themselves. 

I have a responsibility to music. I am aware that I have been blessed with the gift of music. It is 100%, completely, absolutely, without a doubt, my fault if I waste it.The music I make can and will change the world. I understand that changing the world is a super power. I will only use my powers to help mankind. I understand that having talent alone isn’t enough. It takes passion, dedication, sacrifice, money, creativity, education, work ethic, focus, vision, understanding, love, stamina, a positive attitude, patience, and all your money…this could take a while.”

"Life is Good"

“Life is Good” by NVJones. Produced by STACE. Written and co-produced by NVJones. Fly Company Music Group © 2012

"Where Would I Be?"

“Where Would I Be” by NVJones. Produced by STACE Written and Co-produced by NVJones. Fly Company Music Group © 2012

FCMG: Jazz Matters

Allan Knighton, professional saxophone player, joins STACE in the studio for the release of “Lobster”. Check out some behind the scenes footage. – FlyCo

Jazz: it has been called both cool and hot, earthy and avant-garde, intellectual and primitive. “It is improvisational music touted for the freedom it permits its players, but in its heyday was largely composed and tightly arranged. It tells a story about race in America: not only because African American musicians were so central in its creation and African American audiences so important in their creative responses to it, but because whites played such a dominant role in its dissemination through records and performance venues and its ownership as intellectual and artistic property. But is jazz a relic of the past, or does it continue to have meaning and influence for today’s artists and audiences? And while it may still be present, does it still matter?” – NYTimes