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Music. Try and imagine life without it; you can’t. Well at least I know I couldn’t. To me music is…

Music is life. It is what helped me pave the path of who I am.

Growing up as a 90’s kid I was always jamming to Jesse McCartney out of a boombox strapped to my basket on my bike. I would ride around my neighborhood thinking I was such a bad ass and hated when my parents would play their “old people” music. (ACDC, Metallica, Godsmack.) Only to grow up to love exactly that, but I didn’t just go straight from cringe worthy boy bands to metal in a night. No, it took years of having to discover who I really was one band at a time. Phase after phase, and it wasn’t until the end of high school that I really had a grasp on what I liked. Man let me tell were those years rough. I don’t know who or where if I had not had music there every step of the way. It was always there. It saved me. I know I’m not the only one who music had such an important role in life.

It has saved so many other lost angsty teens out there.

I want to know how music has affected your life and what music is to you. Comment down bellow and tell me;

What does music mean to you?

– Peace out! ✌🏻