never have i ever


Never have I ever taken a loss and not learned, ya know?

I’m always drawing lines never switching my side
So when I say my piece that’s my word till I die
I can spot the haters without opening eyes
Clap clap, bravo little ni**a you tried

(Extended Verse)
First grip I got didn’t come with a trace
Ni**as YouTube how to hold the Glock in they waist
Rough neck, neck brace, I gotta carry this weight
But I’ll kill a ni**a dead if he get live in my face
Mira! Right then I knew, never would I
Have anything in common with a regular guy
I’m Higher than a zipper of a pelican’s fly
And never have you ever, so who better than I?

Uh, my nigga Lulay got like 2 years left
I told him hold his head we gone meet on the steps
Money on the books ’til it’s a library left
Got a flow so cold it’d give a flurry the strep, yeah
I tread mills I’m never running in place
Keep running your mouth gone’ make me run in your place
I’m Luther Van-Drip but she keep calling me STACE
My GPS re-routing right back to the safe

And I bought my bitch a new whip…

And she just crashed it
Thank God I got her those titties, that new plastic
Thank God I’m overprotective, I air bagged it
Dirty mirror pics with the floor air mattress
New ass shots is wild, that’s too tragic
Damn it’s going down like grounds with 2 caskets
Back up on the scene like fiends with blue magic

Never will you ever get a ni**a like me
6 girls, no cap, I’m the new Spike Lee
Lemonade color seats but the coupe iced tea
Soft serve with the swerve I might boost my fee

I cut dreads off of heads, f*ck whatever the price is
I’m from a black school ni**a been had ISIS
I mean ISS ni**a I been the nicest
I toe tag ni**as with my window prices, tell me

Is the fashion over
Since every b*tch on Instagram is in FashionNova?
I mean, you sitting pretty with your friends
Ain’t no diss to City Girls but we can tell a Citi-Trend

And this is just a sign I’m ahead of my time
The school of hard knocks but I keep skipping the line
2020 leap year it’s ’21 in rewind
Never ever will you ever either dead or alive


Artist: STACE
Label: Fly Company Music Group
Released: 30 December 2019
Single: Never Have I Ever
Year: 2019
Writer: STACE
Producer: STACE
Engineer: CDG
Mixed and Mastered: EarWavs Media

Recording Location: Atlanta, GA
Format: File, WAV, Single
UPC: 859736165046
ISRC: TCAEO1934833
Length: 2:14
Links: Apple Music
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Style: Boom Bap, East Coast

ASCAP: 906222852
© Registration Number: SRu 1-394-289
Effective Date: December 08, 2019