I’d love to work for Fly Company Music Group, do you have any positions available?

Unfortunately, Fly Company is currently overflowing with employees. But fear not! Send us a resume to info@stace.co, and we’ll keep it on file, in case a creative encounter happens. We appreciate your interest in working at FlyCo. We love what we do and we’re glad you do, too.

I’m interested in interning for Fly Company Music Group. Do you have internships available?

Fly Company loves its interns and we do our best to provide a fun and educationally rewarding experience. Send your resume to us at internship@flycomusicgroup.com

Here’s a pro tip: please name your resume files with your name. Files simply called “resume” tend to get lost.

What is your demo policy? How do I submit my music?

Submit music links to demos@flycomusicgroup.com PLEASE DO NOT SEND AUDIO FILES TO THIS ADDRESS, simply send links to your audio hosted elsewhere on the internet. In an effort to discourage physical waste and overflowing email inboxes, this will now be the only way in which FlyCo will accept unsolicited demos.

I sent my music, now what?

Please donโ€™t call or email to follow up; let your music speak for itself. It is extremely rare that a band gets signed on the strengths of a demo alone so our best advice to you is to keep playing, build a fan base, tour, and get your name out there; these are the things that will bring label representatives to your shows and this is what will help you get a record deal. Good luck!

How can I apply to be a session musician – background singer – session vocalist?

Musicians: Must 21+ with a current I.D./passport. Please have your demo reel available via links – PLEASE DO NOT SEND AUDIO FILES TO THIS ADDRESS. Some sessions may require travel. Travel accommodations may vary. Further instructions will be provided via email.

Background Singers & Session Vocalist: please send links to covers – not original music.

How do we book your artists?

Please send us a detailed email with your request. Serious inquires only.