“The explosion of EDM tutorials means that new producers essentially have step-by-step instructions on how to make whatever sub genre they want”

– Yung Sensei via Headliner Magazine

An open-minded and passionate artist, nothing excites Yung Sensei more than creating, performing, and sharing the wide variety of music he loves. At the age of twenty, this Berklee College of Music student already has years of experience as an electronic music producer, percussionist, and pianist. His radio show, “Electric Odyssey”, is curated live every week from the B.I.R.N., Berklee’s internet radio station.

Hailing from North Carolina, Yung Sensei, commonly known as Bryan Borders, credits his background performance skills to earlier works such as jazz and musical theater.

Sensei is always working to cultivate a sound that is distinctly electronic, as this is his most passionate talent. Adhering to neither traditional instrumentation or EDM conventions, he aspires to help bring modern dance music to the forefront as a respected art form.

Outside of his upcoming single [September/”Untitled”], Yung Sensei starred in a new documentary, formed a super group of producers, and just released remixes of his favorite tunes. With all this experience, as well as sound design expertise gained from Berklee’s Electronic Production and Design major, he hopes to continue writing, producing and sharing electronic music that is just as innovative, as it is expressive.

New Release: Untitled (September 2019)

Season 4 of “Electric Odyssey” will air on the Berklee Internet Radio Network starting January 2020.

New single, Monarch Winter 2019.

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EDM ground shaking beats, heavenly strings, cool robot voices – This new project from North Carolina native Bryan Borders, better known as Yung Sensei, will be nothing short of epic. We’ll have the latest on his journey and music soon. #FlyCoMG

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“Hey guys, this is Yung Sensei. Hit me up here or on Twitter to let me know what you think of my latest mixes!”


Location: Boston

The Sensei Session: Filmed on location at Berklee College of Music. We follow Yung Sensei, aka Bryan Borders, as he hosts his radio show and connects with friends.

Music of Mass Incarceration | Boston

Check out the live version of “Dialogues” by Yung Sensei. Performed during Berklee’s “Music of Mass Incarceration” concert.  Written by Yung Sensei himself, “Dialogues” was created to help spread awareness for the on-going issue of systematic mass incarceration within the United States; experienced largely within the African-American and Latino community.

The 2-hour-long concert features songs and performances by various Berklee students.

Fame isn't what it seems

ASHWYN just released a new single “New Life” – featured in the new mini-documentary “The Sensei Session” | #FlyCoMG