Contemporary Christian Artist, NVJones | Photographed by Itoo Briscoe (2012)

Fans purchase STACE’s debut album “The Race Back To Me” at a local record store in Atlanta, Ga. (2011)

Holy Batman! (2012) Photographer: RUSH

It’s Getting Harder To Cheat (2012) Photographer: RUSH

Mint Ultra Lounge. (2013)

(L-R) Lativia, Samantha, & STACE judge a music competition at a high school in Atlanta. (2010)

Still from the “Recess Love” music video (2011)

Hautelanta Fashion Week: STACE with a 4 piece band including special guest DJ Really Rell (2010)


TJ Sentrall (Drummer for STACE) 2010

M.Michele, the first poet signed to Fly Company Music Group (2010)

On the set of “Recess Love” music video. 2013

STACE pictured with Fly Company’s first publicist, Porscha Sinclair, at Mint Ultra Lounge. (2013)

“The Race Back To Me” (Playa Del Carmen, Mexico 2013)

“It’s Getting Harder To Cheat” (2012) Photographer: Onyana Rosa

Terence Rushin directing STACE during the music video “It’s Getting Harder To Cheat” (July 28, 2012)

STACE as retro Batman during his video shoot “Holy Batman!” (July 29, 2012)

In-Studio | Model: Finesse (2013)

Behind the scenes of “Holy Batman!” (Music Video) [July 29, 2012]

Elijah poses for a photo during the set of “Recess Love”. 2013.

Behind the scenes of “Holy Batman!” (Music Video) [July 29, 2012]

It’s Getting Harder To Cheat | Behind the Scenes (July 28, 2012)