Podcast Recording


Before You Start Recording Your Podcast

Plan your podcast episodes

Whilst some podcasters may enjoy recording on the fly, having a pre-prepared plan of action is a great way to alleviate stress. Plus, it means things should run smoothly on recording day!

  • Plan the general flow and structure of your episode ahead of time
  • Note down anything you need to include or mention 
  • Consider your timings and the duration of your episode
  • If you’ve got guests on your show, prepare questions and discussion pointsbefore recording.
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In an ideal world, all content creators would have access to a professional recording studio. In reality, most don’t. But don’t panic just yet. It’s perfectly possible to set up a good recording space in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re recording at home, try as far as possible to choose a room with low levels of background noise. Choosing a room with as few outward-facing walls as possible is a good place to start. This will reduce the amount of ambient noise that filters in from outside.

Sound-proofing and sound-treating your room is the best way to preserve and elevate the quality of your audio.


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