“If the Internet is a medium, then my words are the brush”

Yerika Salas-Dominguez is a Latina digital artist who is most passionate about the promotional aspect within the music industry. Her work is a combination of digital and traditional techniques that go hand in hand in portraying a message or feeling to the viewer. Her primary goal is to create pieces that come across clearly to everyone in a way that is appealing, and most of all memorable. Her latest works can be viewed in the animation “The Complete History” by Three Twenty Gallery and formatting fan content for “The Station”, digital space for artist and musician STACE.

Current Projects

The Station | Fan club for STACE
320 Gallery Curatorial Staff
FlyCoMG Media

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Drum Gate, 2018
DPR Redesign, 2019
Vague, 2020

Managing digital content for The Station keeps me pretty busy. Fans check in from all over the world via social media, fan mail, recorded audio and my favorite – in person. With the latest trend, TikTok, I’ve found that people are really connecting with “Deadbeat Dad”. My first encounter was with this young soccer mom, Randy, she begins to express herself with a personal poem. As I listened to the poem I connected with the very message that seems to be repeated throughout everyone’s posts – “We feel abandoned”. I’ve decided to take this into action, with my artistry, and make a social awareness campaign. I’ll unfold the details early 2022.

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