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Meet Dr. Terry Grant-Robinson. She is a music teacher by day at Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School, and by night, a talented Jazz singer. Terry inspires her students using a real-world, hands-on approach she mastered throughout her years of being an educator.

Dr. Grant is looking to enrich the culture, take notes.ย 

What inspired you to pick Jazz out of all other genres of music?

“When I was a little girl I worked in a grocery store my parents owned with 4 other siblings. The radio barely worked, and when it did you couldn’t hear it because of the bickering over which station we should play. My father remedied the situation by fixing the radio to play onlyย 1930s & 40s jazz music.”

Did you ever expect to use your musical skills to teach the youth?

“No. Not really, It wasn’t until I was in the teaching position when I realized it’s where I wanted and needed to be”

What was your biggest challenge when it comes to teaching or your music?

” You know how today’s teenagers worry about how many likes they received. My thing was how the crowd received me after I sung the first & second song, when I would be on stage and all the eyes were on me and I could see the crowds movements, if they would tap their feet I would think “good, they like it” and I captured them. If they would lean back in their seats and relaxing I think “Okay, good they’re calm, relaxed and taking it in.” Then of course if I saw a frown I would know I have lost them.”

Which Jazz artist inspired you the most?

“Its a cross between Billie Holiday & Aretha Franklin. You can really feel the pain in their voices when you hear them because they lived through it, they lived through their own storm.”

What was one of your favorite places you performed?

“Abe’s Shrimp House in Hilton Head Island. It really gave you that down home feeling that allows you to really sing from the heart.”


What advice would you give to your students who would like to pursue their own music careers?

“My advice would be… and I hate to be generic by saying “believe it and you can do it” but it is really the first step in order to start. Also be persistent and never lose sight on your dreams, DREAM BIG.”

What is your proudest moment to date within your music career?

“My proudest moment was actually performing at church and seeing my mom & dad’s face. My dad never cries but he always seems to find his handkerchief when I begin to sing.”

What is one thing that you haven’t accomplished but would like to in your music career?

” I don’t know specifically I’m still growing up & still searching.”