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Abraham Quintanilla recently announced that after 27 years since his daughter’s passing they have plans of releasing an album as early as April 2022.

The father of the late Queen of Tejano made the statement in a recent interview with Latin Groove News. The album will consist of 13 songs, and are said to be unlike any of the music fans have ever heard by the artist. We’re all curious as to, why after so many years? It all seems too good to be true. Well it just might be Abraham Quintanilla says his daughter’s voice “was done using computers.” 

The songs will be repurposed from old songs that Selena had recorded. One of the songs was even recorded when she was as young as thirteen. A.B. Quintanilla, Selena’s brother, uses digital technology to update his sister’s voice. All in order to make her sound “like she did right before she passed away”, according to Abraham Quintanilla. We are all anticipating the results of this new project.

This Monday also marked the 25th anniversary of the iconic film Selena. To celebrate the film will be returning to theaters next month for its quarter century anniversary nationwide. It was released March 21, 1997 starring Jennifer Lopez and Edward James Olmos, and will start screening April 7th in a theater near you.

There are a lot of things happening in order to celebrate and remember our beloved Selena. It’s all very exciting and I, like many others, can’t wait for everything!