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Recently, iconic heavy metal and rock group Metallica celebrated their 40th anniversary with two shows to celebrate with fans. 


Tickets were released last summer exclusively to members of their worldwide fan club. The concert was held on the 17th and 19th of December and could also be viewed through amazon prime for free on set times. Both shows consisted of two different unique sets that gave their die hard fans a one of a kind experience. A song from each of their studio albums was played with a mix of fan favorites that kept over 20,000 fans ecstatic in the crowd. The group got started in 1981, and continues to thank their fans with jaw dropping shows like this. There was nothing but joy from fans that came form all over the world to attend the concert, the nights were not short lived as Metallica kept preforming and entertaining fans much after the show had come to an end at different locations. It is one of the many things they are loved for, they always make sure their fans have a worth while and memorable experience. Last weekend exceeded those expectations!

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