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As the pandemic continues to take it’s toll on everyone, the music industry is no exception.

The world has had to move on and learn to function with COVID. This has resulted in events being postponed or canceled, but they continue to work through it. For their fans, and for the sake of being creative. Many of us- myself included, have had tickets for concerts since before the pandemic hit and are still waiting to attend a show that should have happened last year. All much anticipated events have had to evolve to better accommodate everyone’s health. Events such as; fan meetings, high touch, backstage access, filming, etc., are no longer available or have to be done using a plastic screen in the middle.

Although a huge loss for some, it also has opened up the exploration of how we can use technology to connect. Take for example the K-Pop industry where 120+ idols and actors tested positive just in the past month. It has really been sweeping through celebrities, thankfully no cases have been dangerous but it’s still always a concern. Dealing with such tight schedules many of them took to social media, taking advantage of their quarantine. They are able to interact with fans through their lives, as well as take the time to rest while creating new music. Other artists have been compensating there lack of personal interaction with extended performances, that is a plus for many.

Now everything that is not possible in person has been moved online, that means everyone around the world can participate freely without having to travel to locations packed with people. We have to prioritize the health of everyone, but we are always grateful to the artists who continue to work through it and release their work to the world.

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