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Meet Adriannah. This 18 year old emerging artist has one simple plan for her future: WIN.

Greetings Adriannah.

“Hey guys! What’s up ☺️”

For those who are new to you – briefly describe how this encounter came to be.

“Okay so last year (2018), my senior year, I noticed that these guys were painting a mural in the gym. I thought the work was amazing, and I told myself I had to meet them. You guys were so busy I didn’t get a chance to talk to you – even though I managed to get a picture with you *laughs*

Fast forward to today – I graduated and I’m preparing to go into the reserves [Army] to pay for my college tuition for art. I’m working at the school over the summer and Ms. Carter [my counselor] was like “You have to meet…” …you know, now we’re here.

What inspired you to become an artist?

“I was born with this talent. As a child I was very artistic. I drew on the walls and everything. *laughs* Throughout school I would enter art competitions and win. I really credit my high school art teacher Mr. Blackwell for pushing me. He’s part of the reason I’m going to school for art.

What challenges have you faced so far as an emerging artist?

“The main thing is lack of encouragement. I’m working hard to get into the reserves so that leaves little time for my art. There’s also a lack of funding in my area for art related activities. Plus, I’m in a single parent home with 4 other siblings so… (pauses) …there’s the pressure of trying to be a good role model for my younger sisters.”

If you had to pick one piece that you’ve done as your favorite, which one would it be?

“I would say the stolen self portrait. Long story short – I think my teacher stole my oil self portrait because it was also probably his favorite too!”

Who inspires you the most?

“My great grandmother and grandmother. They’ve always supported me and pushed me to do better.”

We know your style of art may change as you grow but for now… what does Adriannah’s art world look like? Any special materials? Different mediums? Any weird or unusual artistic methods you’d like to share?

“Lol! I love to have music playing while I work. I don’t like drawing in public that much but maybe one day… and I prefer oil based paint. ☺️”

How would you like to be remembered?

“I want to use my story to inspire young girls to do art and hopefully get them on the right path. I’m always thinking about being a role model for my sister as well.”

Thanks for kicking it with us Adriannah. What’s the best way for people to stay connected with you?

_Adriannah1202_ (IG)

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