Fly Company Music Group: Since 2007

We are a record label, media house & production team; combining a love of music with a passion for quality. We cover everything, from classical and jazz recordings, to the latest hip-hop and electronica.

Producing artists & musicians has been our mission since 2007.


We think analog. We move digital.

We found our passion for music extended to discovering and working with undiscovered & emerging artists.


We think more than just music – we respect the vision – it’s the closest we can get to capturing the artist’s original idea. We record with such accuracy that you’d think the artist was performing in your very own living room. Our listeners know that the quality of sound on our recordings encourages them to expand their listening habits. They find themselves exploring new music and enjoying classical as well as rock, pop, electronic and jazz.

Fly Company Music Group. Since 2007.
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